Site Moved!

My new homepage is:

I am very sorry for this inconvenience.

This site will no longer be accessible after Sep 25, 2020.

Clumsy explaination below... how about skipping the rest and just click the link above?

I am barely doing any transcribing recent years, and the maintenance of this site has been in red for the last 2 years. (I have no YouTube revenue since most of my contents are claimed by others. They are others’ compositions and arrangements, so I have no complain.) Still, theses scores are written by me with my ears. These are still my transcripts and I think it's fine to tribute them if I state clearly that my transcripts are not from the official sources.

Thus, I am moving the site to a free service, as long as the monthly bandwidth does not exceed 5GB (? I think…).

I hope it could work. My transcripts would still be available for all of you who are the wonderful people that share the same taste of music as mine.

This is not the first time I move my site. I am very sorry for the inconvenience and I once again thank you for your support.